Publication of the Reports of the Jury

The Reports of Phase 1 and Phase 2

Report Phase 1 Report Phase 2

Announcement of the results

The final reunion of the Jury  members, for phase 2, was held on june 29th. at the offices of the Bologna Association of Architects between 15:30 and 20:30 in the evening. 

The Jury was composed of the following members:
•   Peter Eisemann, president (in audioconference)
•   Rabbi Felipe Goodman (in videoconference)
•   Simone Cola
•   Francesco Evangelisti
•   Victor Magiar (in videoconference)
•   Gianfranco Maraniello
•   Maura Pozzati

After a detailed examination of the projects entered, the Jury  approved the following result:

First prize: Onorato di Manno, Andrea Tanci, Gianluca Sist, Lorenzo Catena, Chiara Cucina - Italy

Second prize: Stefano Lambardi, Stella Venturini, Giulia Cerretani, Simone Barbi, Fabiagio Salerno, Nicola Bondi, Fabio Montefusco - Italy

Third prize: Devvy Comacchio, Paolo Domenico Didonè - Italy

Honorable Mention: Zvi Hecker - Germany, that doesn’t presented phase 2 required documents.

We also publish the pdf file with the list of participants and their codes.

As soon as possible will be published the jury reports of phasee 1 and phase 2 of the competition.

We want to thank all participants for their efforts, and we invite them to the Competition expo that will held on september 6th in Bologna.

Stay tuned…

The results of the competition will be published on July 3, 2015